After a restful summer recess, the Service and Charity Pillar has recommenced our efforts to promote and support our Parish’s various ministry efforts that enhance St. Elizabeth’s christian presence in our community.  Recently, many pillar members worked alongside other Ignite Pillars and parishioners to make the Parish Picnic a great success.  With over 100 parishioners in attendance, and with God’s help in clearing out the rain before the event started, the afternoon proved to be a great example of Christian Fellowship, good food and entertainment, and just out-and-out fun.

The Service and Charity Pillar is now planning our goals and activities for the rest of the 2017-2018 church year.  We anticipate a very active year where we further mature our Pillar’s mission and its impact on our Parish.  Stay tuned!  We welcome any and all parishioners who would like to be part of our Pillar to join us the fourth Tuesday of every month at 7:30PM in the Community Room, or contact the Parish Office and they will put you in contact with members of the team.

Gary Mulcahy