In our Gospel this week, we share an amazing Resurrection story. We listen as Jesus
demonstrates His unfathomable Mercy and Love for his Disciples. Jesus never blames them for their failures or shortcomings, but rather finds great Joy in reminding them how truly Loved they are by Jesus.

We too are reminded that no matter where we are or what situation we are facing, Jesus is always there for us and He is always there with us. There is no place too dark for His light to guide us through the fear and the uncertainty, safely back to the security of his Peace.

We must remember that no matter what, Jesus is always with us on this journey. We are never alone. We can count on Jesus to speak to us through those we love, because He knows we will listen. Be prepared for Jesus to speak through you to carry that kind word or the vote of confidence to someone who really needs it. Just listen to the Holy Spirit within you and you will know just the right time and Jesus will give you just the right words.

Your witness to Jesus is life affirming and the most important thing you will ever share.
Someone you know in your family or circle of friends desperately needs to be reminded of Jesus’ Love and Mercy. Someone else needs you to introduce them to Jesus, to learn firsthand about Jesus’ forgiveness and His Grace that saves lives for eternity.

During this Holy season of Easter, I learned that my son’s Ranger Regiment will be deployed to Iraq. My Mother’s heart fell with anxiety. As a Faithful follower of Jesus, I know that Jesus will be there with my son, Austin, and all the soldiers, protecting them and guiding them all safely home again. It will be Jesus that will give our family the courage and strength to get through this difficult time. We know that Jesus is with all of us always.

God’s Blessing be upon you and your families.

~Candace Niblett