We are gearing up for our fourth annual Mission Trip with Catholic HEART Workcamp, scheduled for July 14-19, 2019, in Boston, Massachusetts!!  The 2019 team consists of 24 teens and 7 adult chaperones, who have been hard at work preparing for this mission.

The Mission Team extends our sincere thanks to the entire parish family for your overwhelming generosity and support of our efforts over the past year.  Thanks to your kindness and to the partnership of our team families and sponsors, we have raised $13,089.48, a total that should fully fund our trip and allow our 31 missionaries to go out into the world and make a difference.  Special thanks to local businesses, including the Ant & the Grasshopper, Applebee’s, Donaldson’s Farms, Family Kitchen Ravioli, Flanders Bagels, Green Vision, Panera Bread, and Tractor Supply, for their fundraising partnership and to Prudential for a matching contribution.  Extra thanks to the parent leads and team members who worked tirelessly to organize and run the fundraisers and to the parish family for always cheering on the team and generously backing each project.    We are truly grateful for your help, support, and prayers.  As we set out to represent St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Parish and serve our brothers and sisters in Boston, we ask for your continued prayers for us and for those whom we will serve.  Please know that we will be praying for you too, every step of the way.  Together, united in prayer and action, we are building up the Body of Christ.

Follow their week for news, pictures, and updates in Boston with CHWC; we’ll be posting them here!!

Sending Mass
Saturday, July 13, 2019

Some Team members before the Sending Mass


Bringing Gifts to the Altar

Fr. Stan blesses the team

Team members after mass

Sunday, July 14, 2019

Sunday morning, loading the cars, enjoying some bagels, saying good-by to families, last minute instructions and a prayer for the road before the team takes to the road on their mission!


…and the team arrives at their destination!

Monday, July 15, 2019

Monday morning and ready to go out and serve…

…We had a great first day! We met a couple married for 71 years and we got to talk to them about how they grew up together and when they first met and it was cool all the little details they remembered. It made us really think and reflect on all of our lives!

~JJ Beale & Lizzie Lauterbach

At the end of a long day, the team has a Youth Group meeting. Tonight’s theme…tie-dye!

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Caitlin McNally and Julia Barracato worked together for the past two days on an older couple’s home to paint a garage, fix up the backyard, and cement holes in steps. Due to their success, they are considering opening a cementing business!

Nick in action with team 19. Newly repaired awning and porch!!

Joseph, Colleen and Shannon are knocking down a wall in the basement of a church and having a smashingly good time!!

After a long HOT day, there is still time for FUN! Working hard and having a blast as a team on our Hawaiian Spirit night!!


Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Hello from Boston!! This crew is doing an amazing job. Despite the heat, they are working so hard, building friendships, and illuminating Christ’s love to all whom they encounter. It’s Disney spirit night tonight and the crew just practiced for tomorrow’s highly anticipated lip sync battle.

 Sending hugs and smiles!!

Thursday, July 17, 2019

Olivia, Shannon, & Team 32 spent the week helping a dear lady named Regina. They painted the front & back porches of her home and did various projects, but most importantly, shared lunch and prayers with Regina each day and built a beautiful friendship. Regina commented that the experience transformed not only her house but also her life. The team certainly has been changed for the better, as well!

Additional pictures from Mission Week


Aldino, Erick, and their team worked hard this week to paint apartments and make a difference!!


Erin worked at St. Agnes Elementary School all week and painted many classrooms and hallways, and assisted in the general upkeep of the building. She had a fantastic team, and a wonderful week overall!

Justin, Zack, and their team are taking to heart the message of the film “Evan Almighty” and are changing the world. How? Through Acts of Random Kindness!


This is our Mission Team pictured below, Friday morning, ready to return to NJ after a week of serving. Shannon Jones (smiling brightly on the left, back row) prepared the team all year for this trip and was very proud of them. She said they were “radiant with God’s love!”

Thank you Shannon for leading our team and inspiring our Youth to do more, to be more, as we are all called to do, as disciples of Christ.