*(Note-The 2019-2020 Calendar will be posted by the end of August)

Confirmation 2018-2019 1st Year Calendar

Small group sessions are held Sunday 4:30pm – 6:00pm or Monday 7:30pm – 9:00pm in the classrooms. 

Large group sessions are held on specified days/times below; please bring 2 items for the food pantry.

Aug 27               Catechist Meeting, 7pm in Classroom 7

Sept 8 (Sat)      Retreat for Candidates in Community Room/Church, 1pm-6pm FIAT Ministries *Please complete form and submit retreat fee of $30 (*required; retreat must be made up at a neighboring parish if missed) Includes 5pm Mass with Rite of Initiation (*Mass required for candidates and parents.)

Sept 16              Community Day:  Parish Picnic, following 11:00 am Mass

Sept 16/17         Session #1 (Small Group – Life is Choices)

Sept 29              Community Clean-Up/Opening Teen Mass & Pizza Meet & Greet – All invited

Sept 30/Oct1     Session #2 (Small Group – What’s Holding You Back?)

Oct 14/15          Session #3 (Small Group – The Jesus Question)

Oct 20               Teen Mass/Service Project for El Mundo de Colores (All invited; Required for Huber/Beale class)

Oct 25               Mount Olive Manor Outreach – Birthday Party, 4:30pm (Giordano class to lead)

Oct 28               Session #4 – 4:30 pm for all – Large Group in Church (No Monday Class) Fr. Stan

Nov 17              Teen Mass/Share the Bounty (All invited; Required for Giordano class)

Nov 18/19         Session #5 (Small Group – The Prayer Process)

Nov 29              Mount Olive Manor Outreach – Birthday Party, 4:30pm (Pirrello/Pucilowski class to lead)  **Kindly note new date and time – rescheduled due to inclement weather.**

Dec 1                Toy Drive begins, sponsored by the Confirmation program* (see back page for more details)

Dec 2/3             Session #6 (Small Group – The Bible)

Dec 8                Project Gingerbread/Teen Mass (All invited; Required for Pirrello/Pucilowski class)

Dec 13              Mount Olive Manor Outreach – Gingerbread Decorating 4:30pm (Huber/Beale class to lead) *Kindly note new date!

Dec 16              Community Day: Countdown to Christmas, 12:00 pm

Jan 12               Valentine Lollipops/Teen Mass (All invited; required for Huber/Beale class)

Jan 13/14         Session #7 (Small Group – Relationships, plus Teen Stations Prep)

Jan 27/28         Session #8 (Small Group – The Eucharist)

Feb 3                Community Day: Souper Bowl Sunday 10am to 2pm (Sign up for 2 hour shift)

Feb 9                Community Day: Hospitality for Confirmation 10:00 – 12:30

Feb 10/11         Session #9 (Small Group – The Holy Spirit)

Feb 23              Hospital Care Packages/Teen Mass (All invited, required for Giordano class)

Mar 8 (Fri)        Session #10 – 7:00 pm for all –Large Group Teen Stations of the Cross in Church, followed by Bridges                         Outreach Lunch Prep (Required for all)

Mar 9               Bridges Run/Teen Mass (All invited)

Mar 10/11        Session #11 (Small Group, Wrap-Up)

Mar 21              Mount Olive Manor Outreach –Birthday Party, 4:30pm (Giordano & Pirrello/Pucilowski classes to lead)

Mar 24/25        *Make-Up Session for weather, if needed

TBD                  Session #12 – 7:30 pm – Large Group Penance Service in Church (Required for all)

Apr 6                El Mundo de Colores/Teen Mass (All invited; Required for Pirrello/Pucilowski class)

Apr 7               Mandatory Retreat for Candidates AND Parents – 4pm-7pm in church – Colleen Raynor                                           *required – charge is included in September retreat fee.  

Apr 14             Community Day: Palm Sunday Mass/Easter Egg Hunt

May 4              Community Clean-Up/Closing Teen Mass (Mass required for ALL)

June 6             Mount Olive Manor Outreach – Picnic, 5:00 pm (Huber/Beale class to lead)

Calendar is subject to change; please check for email updates.



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