Sharing Our Faith

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2 Timothy 1:8 advises us that Christians should not be ashamed of testifying to the truths revealed to us. Faith is a treasure of life which is enriched by being shared. Pillar members will inquire into ways and means of bearing witness by confessing faith without giving way to fear or embarrassment. Sharing is not just verbal. Example, acknowledgement of failure and the creation of loving service is a powerful authentication of Christian commitment that is seen by others. A deliberately lived Christian life is a great draw for those who suffer without faith and hope.

Reflections on the Young Adult Retreat (June 2019)

by Joy Rastiello

In mid June, St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Parish hosted a retreat for young adults, facilitated by Charis Ministries NYC Retreat Team. The theme was ‘God, Teach Me to Seek You.’ It was a one day retreat open to young professionals, giving them an opportunity to learn ways to seek God in their daily life and build […]

Father Sordillo’s Homily – 13th Sunday in Ordinary Time(c)

by Joy Rastiello

June 30, 2019 Father Ron Sordillo was the celebrant at 7:30 mass this week. I found his sermon to be very motivating and I asked him after mass if I could share it here for those who did not attend this mass and therefore wouldn’t have heard the sermon.  These are in part just his […]

Reflection on Pentecost Sunday

by St. Elizabeth Ann Seton

“Lord send out your Spirit, and renew the face of the earth!” That’s the Psalm response we sing today.  It’s a powerful statement that God is not static, but demonstrates His presence through motion, action, and creation.  The psalmist recognized the importance of the Spirit of God many years before Christ, and the Jewish people […]

Reflection on the Seventh Sunday of Easter

by St. Elizabeth Ann Seton

This passage from John’s Gospel is so powerful and leads my emotions in many directions. As I read it, the first thoughts that came into my mind were Love, Faith, and our call to Evangelize.   In this reflection, I will try to show the impact of each one of those words.   Love In this […]

Reflection on the Sixth Sunday of Easter

by St. Elizabeth Ann Seton

Our first reading is a unique in its style and offers to us a glimpse of the workings of the early Church.The disciples are in a foreign land, spreading the Good News, and there seems to be some local customs and traditions that come into conflict. The apostles and elders write to the new Christians […]

Reflection on the Fifth Sunday of Easter

by St. Elizabeth Ann Seton

Reflection for the Fifth Sunday of Easter During the Easter season, our First Readings are based on the lives of Jesus’ disciples. In today’s First Reading, we hear about Paul and Barnabas and how they “strengthened the spirits of the disciples and exhorted them to persevere in the faith.” When we think about our own […]

Reflection on the Fourth Sunday of Easter

by St. Elizabeth Ann Seton

The Good Shepherd The 4 th Sunday of Easter is often called Good Shepherd Sunday. In the Old Testament, there are numerous designations of God as Shepherd, primarily to describe His relationship with His people. To cite a couple of examples, Psalm 23 in its entirety and the following verse from Isaiah 40:11: “As the […]

Reflection on the Second Sunday of Easter

by St. Elizabeth Ann Seton

As the mom of three boys, my life generally can be summed up in two simple words – crazy busy. The commitments of springtime – school projects, three baseball teams, Scouts, CCD, science fairs, band concerts, class trips, you name it – are guaranteed to overwhelm. On most days, I look at the calendar and […]

Reflection on Easter Sunday

by St. Elizabeth Ann Seton

Reflection on Easter Sunday In our First Reading, we are reminded by Peter that we are called to continue Jesus’ work as witnesses, in preaching and living the commandments, testifying on His behalf, and teaching others that “everyone who believes in Him will receive forgiveness of sins in His name.”  We were individually selected by […]