All church volunteers whose role includes dealing with children/youths (Religious Education/Confirmation teachers, aides, substitutes, babysitters, Youth Ministry, CYO coaches and certain other church volunteers) are required to obtain approval to work with children prior to their role beginning.  The approval consists of passing a Background Check, reviewing and signing a Code of Conduct form and attending Virtus (Protecting God’s Children) training.  Individuals cannot begin to work with children until the Background Check is completed and the Code of Conduct is reviewed and signed. Virtus training should be completed within 30 day of the background check and the signing of the code of conduct.

Approval to work with children is accomplished by accessing

For instructions for completing the approval process, please click here.  Once you have started the process, DO NOT STOP until the process is completed.  The system will not allow you to continue or start over.

St. Elizabeth’s contact:
Dick Wertz, Local Youth Protection Coordinator