Making sure children and youth are protected and cared for is of the utmost importance at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton parish. Our parish strictly follows the policies of the Diocese of Patterson which ensure Church personnel/volunteers are committed to providing a safe environment for children and youth, are capable of identifying and preventing abuse of children, and have no personal history of behavior that would be a threat to children. These policies apply to all adults (18 years of age and older) whether clergy, members of consecrated life, or laity, who, as employees or volunteers, act in the name of the Church under the auspices of the Diocese of Patterson or one of its parishes.

The Diocese has very strict rules concerning working with children. To be approved to work with children an individual has to have the following on file:

  1. Acceptable Background Check (Must be completed prior to working with children)
  2. Signed Pastoral Code of Conduct (Must be returned with Background Check form)
  3. Virtus Attendance Certificate (Must attend within 90 days of Background Check)

Please Note: Inappropriately intimate relationship with minors is strictly prohibited. All allegations of child abuse (physical, sexual or emotional) of minors MUST be reported IMMEDIATELY.

St. Elizabeth’s Local Youth Protection Coordinator:
Dick Wertz