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Homily for the 6th Week in Easter

by Fr. Hernan Cely

Love and peace The great American Poet, Emily Dickinson, wrote many poems about death, the time just before dying, and the effect of death on survivors. She says that when we look back at the moments and events just before death, they stand out sharply against the background of the person’s whole life. They are […]

Reflection for the Fifth Sunday of Easter

by Joy Rastiello

Reflection for the Fifth Sunday of Easter During the Easter season, our First Readings are based on the lives of Jesus’ disciples. In today’s First Reading, we hear about Paul and Barnabas and how they “strengthened the spirits of the disciples and exhorted them to persevere in the faith.” When we think about our own […]

Homily for the 4th Sunday of Easter

by Fr. Hernan Cely

Good Shepherd Sunday Some years ago, Disney Studios put out a successful movie. It was called “High School Musical”. The idea of the story is that kids in high school need to stick together with people who have the same interests: Brainiacs compete in academic bowls; athletes win championships; rebels cause trouble; the Drama Club […]

Reflection on the 4th Sunday in Easter

by Joy Rastiello

If you’re anything like me, you can probably associate with both groups a bit in this first reading.  The Jews in Antioch are the children of God that are going through the motions worshipping God in the ways of this world.  They are following certain laws and customs that they have practiced all of their […]

Homily for the Third Sunday of Easter

by Fr. Hernan Cely

Feed my Sheep After the Passion, after the Resurrection, after three years of following Jesus all around the country, the confused and confined apostles join Peter in keeping busy. They go fishing. They have been fishing all night but with no luck. A “stranger” on the shore suggests that they throw the net on the […]

Reflection for the Third Sunday in Easter

by Shannon Jones

Stepping Into the Shoes of Peter Imaginative prayer is a key element in Ignatian Spirituality.  Through the imagination, we can step into the Gospel stories and into the shoes of the disciples.  We can picture ourselves in the Gospel scenes and engage with the accounts on an emotional level.  I thought I would approach today’s […]