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Homily for the Feast of the Holy Family

by Fr. Hernan Cely

The Family of Nazareth Yesterday a parishioner showed me a picture of his four week old granddaughter in the arms of his ninety-five year old mother. He said, “That’s what Christmas is about, Father. Family.” Today is the feast of the Holy Family. In God’s plan the family is a “school of love.” Every member […]

Homily for Christmas Eve

by Fr. Hernan Cely

The Nativity of the Lord (Christmas) Christmas is finally here. Are you excited? Good! I am too. Now… it’s time to sit back quietly. Breathe slowly (seriously, take 2 slow breaths). We need to think a little bit. We need to remember (and now 1 slow breath). Today in church we heard and we watched the […]

Homily for the 4th Week in Advent

by Fr. Hernan Cely

Blessed Are You Whether by car, bus, or plane, this week will see crowds of students, soldiers, cousins, sons and daughters heading home for Christmas. For most of us, this sacred celebration is expanded to include reunions and gatherings of all those we love. It is the ultimate family holiday. On this last Sunday of […]

SPARK Ministry Encounter Retreat

by Shannon Jones

SPARK TEEN MINISTRY ENCOUNTER RETREAT “The encounter with Christ can completely change our lives.” ~ Pope Francis via Twitter, August 11, 2015 All High School Juniors and Seniors are invited to encounter Christ in a new and life-changing way this February. As part of the IGNITE initiative, SPARK Teen Ministry is partnering with the Faith […]

Reflection-4th Week in Advent

by St. Elizabeth Ann Seton

Reflections on Mary’s “Yes”   Say “Yes”   Standing at the altar, reading the words of the Bible, we have chosen to embrace our faith and participate in the beautiful celebration of our Lord, Jesus Christ. It is not easy to stand up in front of the congregation and speak the word of God, but […]

Reflection – 3rd Week in Advent

by St. Elizabeth Ann Seton

It is a beautiful part of our Mass when we sing Hallelujah as a community. My apologies to those who sit close enough to hear as I rejoice in singing Hallelujah (unfortunately singing well is not a gift bestowed upon me). From Hebrew the word Hallelujah means “Praise God”. Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton Parish has […]

Homily for the 3rd Week in Advent

by Fr. Hernan Cely

A Joyful Sunday! As any family will tell you: A baby changes everything. The whole structure of the day, and most especially, the rhythm of the night, everything changes. We hold the little person in our hands and wonder how someone so small could be so powerful. And that’s just an ordinary baby. Today is […]