Confirmation 2016-2017 1st Year Calendar

Small group sessions are held Sunday 4:30pm – 6:00pm or Monday 7:30pm – 9:00pm in the classrooms. 

Large group sessions are held on specified days/times below; please bring 2 items for the food pantry.

 Aug 28             Teacher Meeting 9am Mass, followed by meeting in classrooms (10:00 am -11:30 am)

Sept 10 (Sat)   Retreat for Candidates (Session #s 1&2) in Church, 1pm-6pm  FIAT Ministries;*Please complete form and submit fee of $25 (*required; retreat must be made up at a neighboring parish if missed); Includes 5pm Rite of Initiation (*required); Parents/Families invited to Mass.

Sept 18               Community Day:  11:00 am Mass with Bishop & 30th Anniversary Picnic

Sept 18/19         Session #3 (Small Group – Life is Choices)

Sept 24               Opening Teen Mass & Pizza Meet & Greet – All invited

Sept 25/26         Session #4 (Small Group – What’s Holding You Back?)

Oct 16/17           Session #5 (Small Group – The Jesus Question)

Oct 20                 Mount Olive Manor Outreach – Feet in the Street, 4pm (Giordano class to lead)

Oct 22                 Teen Mass/Service Project – El Mundo de Colores (All invited; Required for Bottona class)

Oct 30                 Session #6 – 4:30 pm for all – Large Group in Church (No Monday Class) Fr. Stan

Nov 6/7              Session #7 (Small Group – The Prayer Process)

Nov 17                Mount Olive Manor Outreach – Birthday Party, 4:30pm (Pucilowski/Pirrello class to lead)

Nov 19                Teen Mass/Share the Bounty (All invited; Required for Lopez class)

Dec 3                   Toy Drive begins sponsored by the Confirmation program* (additional details to follow)

Dec 4/5               Session #8 (Small Group – The Bible)

Dec 10                Teen Mass/Project Gingerbread (All invited; Required for Turzi class)

Dec 14                Mount Olive Manor Outreach – Christmas Party 5pm (Bottona class to lead)

Jan 7                    Teen Mass/Valentine Lollipops (Note new date; all invited; required for Huber class)

Jan 8/9               Session #9 (Small Group – Relationships, plus Teen Stations Prep)

Jan 21                 Community Day: Hospitality for Confirmation 10:00 – 12:30 (Note New Date!)

Jan 22                 Session #10 – 4:30 pm for all – Large Group in Church (No Monday Class) Cheryl Riley

Jan 26                 Mount Olive Manor Outreach – Jeopardy, 4:30pm (Huber class to lead)

Feb 5                   Community Day: Souper Bowl of Caring (Sign up for 2 hour shift; location/times TBA)

Feb 12/13           Session #11 (Small Group – The Eucharist)

Feb 17 (Fri)       Bridges Outreach Lunch Making, 7:00 pm (All invited; required for Pucilowski/Pirrello class)

Feb 18                 Teen Mass (All invited, required for Pucilowski/Pirrello class)

Mar 3 (Fri)         Session #12 – 7:00 pm for all – Large Group Teen Stations of the Cross in Church

Mar 12/13          Session #13 (Small Group – The Holy Spirit)

Mar 16                 Mount Olive Manor Outreach – Birthday Party, 4:30pm (Turzi class to lead)

Mar 25                 Teen Mass/Service Project for El Mundo de Colores (Required for Giordano class)

Apr 2/3                Session #14 (Small Group, Wrap-Up)

Apr 4 (Tues)     Session #15  – 7:00 pm – Large Group Penance Service in Church  (Required for all)

Apr 9/10            *Make-Up #1 for weather, if needed

Apr 23/24          *Make-Up #2 for weather, if needed

Apr 29                  9am (Sat) Make up classes begin for teens that missed 4 sessions (see below for details)

Apr 29                 Teen Mass/Mother’s Day Lollipop Project (Required for all who missed class Teen Mass/Service)

May 20                Closing Teen Mass/Party (Required for ALL)

June TBA            Mount Olive Manor Outreach – Picnic, 5:30 pm (Lopez class to lead)

Teen Mass & Mount Olive Manor dates are subject to change; please check for email updates.

Classroom Assignments

 2nd  Year

Sunday 4:30 pm – 6:00 pm

Classroom 7:    Vanadia

Classroom 6     Miller/Kastl

Classroom 3:    Griego

 1st Year

Sunday 4:30 pm – 6:00 pm

Classroom 8: Huber

Classroom 5: Lopez

Classroom 4: Giordano

Community Room: Pucilowski/Pirrello

 2nd  Year

Monday 7:30 pm – 9:00 pm

Classroom 7: Griff

Classroom 6: Miele/Ward

Classroom 3: Davis

1st Year

Monday 7:30 pm – 9:00 pm

Classroom 8: Turzi

Classroom 5: Bottona


Attendance:  We realize that conflicts arise and you may not be able to attend a Confirmation session.  Please note that you are “allowed” 4 unexcused absences which include Mass, stations etc.  Once you have 4 absences, you will need to make-up ALL 4 classes. Make-up classes: 9am Mass and class, Holy Thursday Mass, 4/13 @ 7:30, Good Friday, 4/14 @ 3pm & two Stations of the Cross – Fridays during Lent @ 7pm.

Teen Mass/Mount Olive Manor Visits

Participation in all Teen Masses is strongly encouraged!  Teens will earn 1 parish hour for attending Teen Masses, plus 1 additional hour for serving in a liturgical ministry or 3 additional hours for serving in music ministry.  Additionally, each class has been assigned to one Teen Mass/Service Project, along with one visit to the Mount Olive Manor. If you cannot attend your assigned event, please contact Shannon Jones and plan to participate with another class. Participation will count towards individual Parish Hours.

Toy Drive

  • Collect toys after all the masses during weekends of: Dec 3/4 & 10/11.
  • Sorting/Delivery details to follow; parent and teen volunteers are needed.

Community Day: Souper Bowl Sunday February 5

Each candidate is encouraged to sign up for a shift at a local store to collect donations for the hungry.  The shift options will be posted in the church lobby; locations and shifts vary. Parents are invited and encouraged to volunteer too! The Confirmation program does not provide supervision. Locations are subject to change.

Stations of the Cross

If you are unable to attend the Teen Stations of the Cross, please attend another date and have the Deacon sign a note & post it on the bulletin board. Service tickets are used to track Stations, but do not count towards service.  Stations are every Friday during Lent at 7pm and are usually 20 minutes.

Contact Information:

Confirmation Coordinator: Shannon Jones, Cell: 201-407-6995,  Email:

Service Hour Coordinator for 1st year: Monica Schiksnis, Email:

Website: St Elizabeth Confirmation

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