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The Seminary, Part 1

by St. Elizabeth Ann Seton

The Seminary, Part 1 It’s surprising to think that just in a few days my assignment here at St. E’s will be over. I’ve had a wonderful time here learning more about myself and the vocation I am pursuing. Over my time here many people have asked me to explain a bit more about what […]

Do We Call You ‘Brother’?

by St. Elizabeth Ann Seton

Do We Call You ‘Brother’? Well, you can, but we really might just be confusing things. I have been asked many times since I arrived here to explain what exactly my “status” is during my progression to become a priest; particularly if that means I am a “brother.” With the decline in religious vocations, many […]

So Why Are You a Seminarian?

by St. Elizabeth Ann Seton

So Why Are You a Seminarian? During my first Sunday here at St. Elizabeth’s I was able to give a short summary of my vocation story or the calling I felt to be a priest. But a few of you have asked me to go more into the details so here we go! First there […]

Welcome our new Seminarian!

by St. Elizabeth Ann Seton

Hello!  My name is John Calabro and I am a seminarian for the Diocese of Paterson.  As you may have heard already, I have been assigned to St. Elizabeth’s for my summer assignment of six weeks.   Please allow me to tell you a little about myself.  My home parish is St. Vincent de Paul in […]

Fr. Hernan’s Farewell Message

by Fr. Hernan Cely

  There are some places we pass through, and there are some places that have the power to hold us – always. Memories of people and events. Memories of challenges and resolutions. Memories of “baby steps” extending to strides. With you, dear friends, I “hit my stride” in so many ways. Your patience with my […]

The Our Father

by St. Elizabeth Ann Seton

The Our Father In Fr. Robert J. Spitzer, S.J., Ph.D. book FINDING TRUE HAPPINESS – Satisfying Our Restless Hearts, he states that “The Our Father is a virtually perfect personal prayer” ¹. He focuses on eight beginning phrases of the Prayer and provides his paraphrasing of those in his book as follows: Our Father who […]

A Reflection on Motherhood

by St. Elizabeth Ann Seton

Being a mother is both the best job and the hardest job I have ever had. It has brought me great joy and revealed to me a level of love I had not known before. It has also stretched me physically, mentally, and emotionally. I have lived on less sleep than should be humanly possible. […]

A Lenten Reflection

by Joy Rastiello

We are now midway through Lent and fast approaching Holy Easter. As I reflect on the season of Lent, I cannot miss the comparison to our Ignite Program. Lent is a special time for Christians. It is a time of grace, conversion, and renewal. This is also true for the Ignite Program as it aims […]

Reflection on the 5th Sunday in Lent

by Joy Rastiello

John’s Gospel passage recounting the raising of Lazarus from the dead is one of the most known Gospel stories. Many of us have certain Gospels that we commit to memory or are very familiar with. We can all remember John’s Gospel 3-16 where John tells us that God loved us so much that he sacrificed […]

Faith Formation Activities

by Joy Rastiello

Updates from the Faith Formation Pillar: Scripture Series: Led by Father Stan, the Series is held the third Wednesday of every month until May in the Community Room at 7pm. The next session will be on the Epistles and will be held on April 19th. Robert Barron’s Catholicism: The Pivotal Players. One hour DVD’s followed […]