Sharing Our Faith

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2 Timothy 1:8 advises us that Christians should not be ashamed of testifying to the truths revealed to us. Faith is a treasure of life which is enriched by being shared. Pillar members will inquire into ways and means of bearing witness by confessing faith without giving way to fear or embarrassment. Sharing is not just verbal. Example, acknowledgement of failure and the creation of loving service is a powerful authentication of Christian commitment that is seen by others. A deliberately lived Christian life is a great draw for those who suffer without faith and hope.

Discipleship Road Map-Part 4

by St. Elizabeth Ann Seton

Last week we focused on the “The Commissioned Disciple” and this week we conclude our four part series with… “The Disciple Maker” As Christian disciples we are all called to learn the teachings of Jesus Christ. Once we learn the teachings of Jesus we are then called to live our lives accordingly. As disciples of […]

Discipleship Road Map-Part 3

by St. Elizabeth Ann Seton

Last week we focused on the “The Growing Disciple” and we continue our four part series this week with… “The Commissioned Disciple” “Christianity without discipleship is trying to live the Christian life without Christ at the center. Discipleship is not just a church program or some church event; it is the root of our life […]

Discipleship Road Map-Part 2

by St. Elizabeth Ann Seton

Last week we focused on the “Beginning Disciple” and we continue our four part series this week with… “The Growing Disciple” “Do not conform yourself to this age but be transformed by the renewal of your mind that you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and pleasing and perfect.” Romans […]

Discipleship Road Map-Part 1

by St. Elizabeth Ann Seton

For 4 weeks we will run a series on Discipleship Road Map, providing information on Discipleship. The first topic is “Beginning Disciple”. The Life of Man is to seek God, know God and to love God with all of one’s strength. So to begin this discipleship process one needs to change his or her attitude […]

The Seminary, Part 1

by St. Elizabeth Ann Seton

The Seminary, Part 1 It’s surprising to think that just in a few days my assignment here at St. E’s will be over. I’ve had a wonderful time here learning more about myself and the vocation I am pursuing. Over my time here many people have asked me to explain a bit more about what […]

Reflection on the 5th Sunday in Lent

by Joy Rastiello

John’s Gospel passage recounting the raising of Lazarus from the dead is one of the most known Gospel stories. Many of us have certain Gospels that we commit to memory or are very familiar with. We can all remember John’s Gospel 3-16 where John tells us that God loved us so much that he sacrificed […]

Reflection on the Fourth Sunday of Lent

by Joy Rastiello

In the darkness of our world, there is a small, bright shining light in the distance. As a school teacher, I notice many teenagers, teachers, and staff attracted to this light. It has a magnetic pull on their psyches that seems unstoppable. Unfortunately, the light is from a cell phone screen, or is it a […]

Reflection on the Third Sunday in Lent

by Joy Rastiello

When we are born, God sets us on a journey with the Commandments as our roadmap and the Holy Spirit as our guide. Sometimes the journey is difficult which may cause us to question the path we have taken as the Israelites did in today’s First Reading. Sometimes our journey tires us and we need […]

Reflection on the Second Sunday of Lent

by Joy Rastiello

In our readings this Sunday, the Lord tells us that, as we open ourselves to receive and worship Him in our daily lives, He will guide us. The path upon which He will send us will not be without its difficulties and it will include those that curse and do harm to us. The Lord […]