Prayer & Worship

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In Romans 8:26, Saint Paul says, “we do not know how to pray as we ought.” The members of the first Pillar, PRAYER and WORSHIP, will concentrate on developing ways of improving our communion with God through expanding our experiences of prayer. We aim to increase the prayer life of all of our parishioners, especially through our great communal prayer, Sunday Mass.
Each week the Eucharistic celebration is the sign and cause of our unity with the Blessed Trinity and our unity with the People of God, the Church. Often people who do not attend Mass regularly describe the Mass as “boring”. Parishioners, who work in this activity, will investigate ways to help others recognize that Jesus Christ is really present on the altar. The Pillar members will work to improve the atmosphere of our liturgies, so that there will be incentive for adoration, contemplation, reverence and opening of hearts.

A Month for Remembrance and Thanksgiving

by St. Elizabeth Ann Seton

November is here upon us and as we are all thinking about our family gatherings, travels plans, our turkey stuffing and pumpkin pie, we will also be making time to visit and pray for our loved ones. November is the month of Remembrance and Thanksgiving. The month begins with All Saints’ Day celebrated annually on […]

Autumn Leaves

by St. Elizabeth Ann Seton

In the September blog, I looked to Joyce Rupp and used her idea of The Instruments of God. She described how to trust the Holy Spirit to “ breath through us” so that He can create a beautiful melody with our life. If I may, I again looked to Joyce Rupp for her October thoughts. […]

Instruments of God

by St. Elizabeth Ann Seton

In her book, May I Have This Dance, Joyce Rupp, a member of the servite (servants of Mary) community, shows how God connects with us in our everyday lives. Her book consists of chapters that include her reflection on each month of the year. In her September chapter, she describes us as being “instruments of […]

The Our Father

by St. Elizabeth Ann Seton

The Our Father In Fr. Robert J. Spitzer, S.J., Ph.D. book FINDING TRUE HAPPINESS – Satisfying Our Restless Hearts, he states that “The Our Father is a virtually perfect personal prayer” ¹. He focuses on eight beginning phrases of the Prayer and provides his paraphrasing of those in his book as follows: Our Father who […]

A Reflection on Motherhood

by St. Elizabeth Ann Seton

Being a mother is both the best job and the hardest job I have ever had. It has brought me great joy and revealed to me a level of love I had not known before. It has also stretched me physically, mentally, and emotionally. I have lived on less sleep than should be humanly possible. […]

A Lenten Reflection

by Joy Rastiello

We are now midway through Lent and fast approaching Holy Easter. As I reflect on the season of Lent, I cannot miss the comparison to our Ignite Program. Lent is a special time for Christians. It is a time of grace, conversion, and renewal. This is also true for the Ignite Program as it aims […]

Reflection on the First Sunday of Lent

by Shannon Jones

In the Jones household, Friday night is movie night. It’s often challenging to find one movie that appeals to all five of us, but every now and then we come across a film with which everyone can connect – like Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. This comedy tells the story […]

Love God Above All Things

by St. Elizabeth Ann Seton

Love God above all things… During the month of February, we celebrate St. Valentine’s Day, so the Prayer and Worship Pillar selected love as the theme for this month’s blog. These days, people do not just want love. They want soul mate love — a relationship with someone who is perfect for them and meant […]

The Prayer Process

by St. Elizabeth Ann Seton

Prayer & Worship Pillar Earlier this year, Fr. John Andrew conducted a series of lectures focused on Prayer. Our Confirmation candidates currently use a text book titled Decision Point that has a Session dedicated to “THE PRAYER PROCESS”. Our Pillar felt it was a powerful Session and thought one particular page that identified the Seven […]

Prayer & Worship Pillar

by St. Elizabeth Ann Seton

Our Pillar meets on the 4th Monday of each month to discuss not only how we worship at St. Elizabeth’s but also how we can improve that experience. We currently have nine active members under the guidance of Fr. Hernan along with representatives from IGNITE’s Steering Committee and Communications Ministry. As we embark upon our […]